A pleasant easy cookie recipe that generates sensational results! I am sharing three secrets on the right shortbread cookies that no one can protest! Be sure to add these easy cranberry orange shortbread cookies to your vacation baking list this season!


If you are thinking of yourself, “oh! Shortbread cookies … .yeah, not a fan”, I’m going to fly your brain and tell you that the shortbread you made in the past was not corrected Was there.

The right shortbread is a butterfly, it is molten in the well of your mouth that should be completely unique.

Too much shortbread cookies are more baked, resulting in a highly dry cookie that is not easily enjoyed.

The simple trick for a great shortbread cookie is underneath for only a few minutes – the cookie should be baked until the cookie is complete and you do not kill it. poor things.


I used my favorite shortbread base for these cookies – the same I used in my peppermint shortbread last year (in fact the wonderful cookie for holidays).

Shortbread cookies are great because they only require components to some extent – no eggs – and very little time.

They are also right for busy holidays because you can make cookie dough, set it in the fridge, and then bake when you have more time.

The cookies given here were you sitting in the fridge for four days, and after that three days before the counter, I got them to photograph.

They are still remarkably tasty. I should know. I ate all three before sitting to write it

I was going to go with Cranberry and Peacon before talking to my sister Melissa. He encouraged a cranberry orange combination and, as always, he was right.

Orange stimulation provides a fresh zing, which is the perfect equivalent for Tart Cranberry. This is a lovely combination!

I used to remove almonds to keep the cookies light because almonds and cranberry and orange are an incredible flavor profile.

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For an extra beautiful presentation, I coat the cookies in the sugar before cooking. They come out of such a glow that no one can oppose them! These cranberry orange shortbread cookies should be present at your holiday cookie tray this year!

Between removing almonds, small cooking time, and sugar coating – you can get shortbread cookies that make your new favorite!

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